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Additional Instruments of Sweet Hill Observatory

In addition to The Queen's TelescopeTM, Sweet Hill Observatory contains a number of interesting telescopes that we will describe here:

Janet Mattei TelescopeTM:  6" f9 Astro-Physics "Blue Tube" Starfire Refractor on A-P 800 Mount ca 1989

I worshipped AP APOs since I first met Roland at Stellafane. I lusted after a 5.5", but was unhappy that at that point he actually had no identifier on the lens cell or tube that showed provenance. My 6" has a  serialized cell without the "cheesy" sticker they now use on OTAs. My two regrets with this scope are A) returning the mount controller to AP for a guiding interface upgrade (it looks pretty kluggy) and B) Replacing the original cast aluminum 2.7" focuser for a later AP machined 2.7" focuser.  One day I'll find a way to fix both these issues.


Philip Morrison Telescope TM (Phil): 6" Fecker Celestar Mak-Newt ca. 1959

This example of a well-preserved Fecker Celestar has but one modification from the original - a hole was drilled in the counterweight opposite the focuser to accommodate a threaded rod w/counterweight. I believe this allowed the use of a camera. An interesting feature of this scope is the 3-eyepiece turret that accompanies it. Advertising for these instruments called out a 4-eyepiece turret and I have no idea when it was changed to a 3.


Phyllis Morrison Telescope TM (Phyllis): 4" Fecker Celestar newtonian ca. 1959

What better accompaniment to Phil than Phyllis??? This example of a 4" Celestar was purchased in the late '70s while I attended RIT as an undergraduate in Rochester NY.


Ralph Dakin Telescope TM (Ralph): Quantum 6 Mak from OTI ca. 1979

I lucked into this Quantum 6 in the early '90s. Someone from St Johnsbuty Vt advertised a used "OTI cassegrain" in Astronomy magazine and I was the quickest to figure out this was indeed a Quantum 6 Mak! So I flew up to St. Johnsbury in my friend Mike's plane to pick it up. The only issues this scope has are A) A few small areas missing paint on the dewcap B) Bent RA slow-motion drive pin. I've since replaced the pin with a custom manufactured copy, the painting is more difficult - the correct color is ONLY available in matt finish, not glossy - so I'll leave the scope as-is until the situation changes. Along with the scope I have its matching equatorial wedge, OTI camera adapter, telecompressor, photo-barlow and straight-through eyepiece adapter. The guys at Davro Optics, OTI's successor, have been great about supplying some of these parts!


Helen Dakin TelescopeTM (Helen): Quantum 4 Mak from OTI  ca. 1978

I owned one of these for many years, but then for some unknown reason sold it on AstroMart. Even my wife said I was a fool to sell it. So, when I found another "affordable" copy I went out and bought her.


Chester Brandon Telescope TM (Chet): 94mm AP/Vernonscope lens with 2.7" AP focuser (cast version) in a home-built OTA. I shot the '98 total solar eclipse on Aruba using this OTA on a 4" Unitron equatorial mount. I never should have sold that mount...Chet is generally used today on an AP-400GOTO mount, a nice combination.


Henry Paul Telescope TM (Henry):  3" Mogey refrcator on matching equatorial mount.

Unnamed 4" Clark telescope


Unnamed Celestron 8" schmidt camera                                                                          

Unnamed:  2.5" Fecker spotting scope with 3 original eyepieces with black crackle paint (original)


Unnamed: 2" Fecker spotting scope painted green (original)


Unnamed: 2." Tinsley Commander spotting scope


Unnamed: 80mm Skyhawk refractor


In naming my primary instruments after Janet, Phil, Phyllis, Ralph, Helen, Henry and Chet I offer my deepest respect and thanks to them for all that they did for us. Ralph, Henry and Chet are best known for their instruments, eyepieces and books...all of which influenced me over the years. Janet, Phil and Phyllis were more of an influence in astronomy and science in general and in showing how much a scientist can influence the world in many areas...I hope any of their relatives reading these words will be proud of the respect being shown them here.  


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