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Definition: Chachka - (Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket

The Chachka NetTM is my small, ever evolving, website dedicated to general astronomy, the Sweet Hill Observatory of Plaistow NH and its instruments, astronomy on St. John USVI...my FAVORITE place in the world, St. John oddities, and other miscellaneous treasures that strike my fancy. Come back often to get your passport re-stamped.

Observatory at the end of the Rainbow

Favorite Links


Here are a few of my favorite sites

bullet Town Of Plaistow NH
bulletTravel with Expedia 
bulletRead the latest news with MSNBC 
bulletThe Register - news of the electronics world 
bulletThe Inquirer - also electronic industry news 
bulletAmateur Telescope Makers of Boston 
bullet Eclipse Prediction maps from Xavier Jubier 




Clear Sky Clocks
Thinking of observing tonight? Here's a snapshot of the current and predicted sky conditions for some of our popular observing sights. Click an image for details.
ATMoB Clubhouse
Clocks by Attilla Danko, data courtesy of CMC.
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Look at my new online photo album filled with astro-images. I belong to the Oldscope, AP-UG, AP-GTO, Darksky-list, observatories, roll_off_roof and other fine groups on Yahoo Groups.
bullet Oldscope
bullet Darksky-List 
bullet Observatories 
bullet Roll_Off_Roof Observatories 

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